The sea and the tree lined shore against a lush green forest. The house, the farms, the people; reminiscent of a dream, taking me back to the small town of Dapoli, where my journey began. An eagerness to pursue art as a career encouraged me to move away from home, to Pune and then NID, in Ahmedabad. After eight or nine years I began to reconnect with my home town, reliving my memories and finding inspiration is this reconciliation. That’s when I met Mr Subhash Kolekar. This was a shift in my perception that I was the only one from this town who had a passion for the arts. Kolekar shared stories of Dapoli’s culture, the rituals, myths and mysteries, the stories of the people. He showed me everything that had been archived and shared his photographic processes with me. Kolekar’s motto in his work was ‘Keep it simple’, which I thought was a distinctive voice in today’s contemporary world of art. “DAPOLI” is my attempt to represent this reconnection with my home, Dapoli, along with Subhash Kolekar’s knowledge and archives. It is a juxtaposition of what is ancient and what is modern Dapoli, through photography, film and other mediums.