“Taking photographs brings me closer to that which I photograph”

The topic was an unexpected but an exciting one. It was not familiar to me and initially, I struggled with the ideas in my head. I spoke with those around me to dwell deeper into the true meaning of spirituality. But spirituality is subjective...

My childhood friends and I had always planned on traveling to Hampi, a small town in central India. The situation that we exist in today, gave us time to make ita reality. I carried my camera. We woke up to empty streets. We climbed to unseen places, strange landscapes and conversed with locals. After thre years, I had entered this space which was a complete contrast from my state of being back home. The plac made me forget and so much was left behind.

The wind never travels alone, it carries with it pieces of it’s surroundings. In Hampi, the wind carried me. It was almost spiritual, a strange sense that I had never felt before. It made me happy. I wonder if everyone feels that way when they speak about spirituality... 

Volume 2 - A Spiritual Awakening